A New Blog

Good evening friends, after several years of intermittently publishing little articles, thoughts, and other ramblings on “The Good Hours,” I’ve decided to start a new blog, as “Reverend Beard.” Named for a nickname an old friend from Maine gave me. Of course my beard is a bit more conservative now than it once was, but such is life and growing older and more responsible?

It’s a bit bitter sweet leaving behind Good Hours. In a sense there is something magical about time and the sense that time can be sanctified to God is comforting. That there can be good time, a time of drawing near to His mercy and grace is a beautiful thing.

But “The Good Hours” had it sources in a beautiful poem that was about depression and I think it was time to leave that blog behind. I’m moving on and trying a new platform. Pray for me, that it may be a fruitful exercise.


2 comments on “A New Blog”
  1. Rick Heiman says:

    You need a logo now, Rev. Beard!

  2. Carlee says:

    Yay for new blogs!

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