Blank Paper


Is a blank page more than a simple piece of paper on which nothing is written? Perhaps it depends on how you chose to define this empty white sheet, and perhaps it depends on if you approach it with optimism or pessimism. Is it a page on which endless possibilities exist or does it represent the nothingness that we so often fear? Is it a chance to create something beautiful or is it something that as soon as you start to scribble is soiled?

Am I over thinking this daunting little sheet? Am I making it more complex than it is? Perhaps a blank page is simply a chance to create, to work out your thoughts and place them out there for you to enjoy and if you are very lucky the world. Perhaps we over think what the blank page means, getting overwhelmed by its emptiness. Too often a page has sat empty in front of me and I become paralyzed. The feeling that perhaps it is looking too deeply into our own souls. Or maybe it’s the opposite that our soul is something impermeable and any words that are crafted will just fall short of the opportunity before us. As such we are overwhelmed and feel unworthy of that which lies before us.

But a blank page is like a blank check, but so much more valuable. For a blank check brings you money, but a blank page brings you endless possibilities. The chance to start fresh, the chance to bring create something new. We need not be afraid of this little rectangle of white, but rather just write, just draw, just step on to it, even if it is with a little trepidation. For if we wait for perfection it will always evade us. Instead we let the lines and letters flow together until something exists that was not there before.

We were created to be creative and we sense this when we move through our life. I believe it is something that our hearts long for, though in our brokenness we sometimes want to let entropy take over. To allow decay is the antithesis of what we were meant for and deep down inside, even when entropy has been the rule we feel this. Yet if we stare at our blank rectangle for too long entropy is all that we will be left with. So we write, or scribble or fold, so that even if we end up with imperfection we know that we have tried.

We are faced with the choice to create or to destroy from apathy. To create is a beautiful thing, but it takes a little bravery, bravery to know that we may very well fail. Bravery to know that we become vulnerable when we bear our hearts on a little sheet of paper, even if the only one who experiences it is our papery friend. For to become vulnerable, even in private is a scary thing and to truly create is an act of vulnerability. Yet this bravery is a far better route than the fear that we allow to capture our hearts when we stare at the emptiness or allow entropy to be our friend.

This once blank sheet is not emptiness, but a path with endless possibilities. It does not need to be daunting, but we simply have to be brave enough to walk down the path. A path which is filled with challenges but this does not make it bad. For any task worth completing will be challenging. Despite the ruts and bumps it can be very good. We simply must take courage to embark.

A blank page is not the emptiness with fear, but rather it is a world of possibilities, a world that can be filled with color and hope for those who disappear. Laughter and love for those who feel alone. Encouragement for those who have grown weary in the race that is being run. Only we must not grow discourage by the effort stepping out takes. A blank page is a hopeful thing indeed.


One comment on “Blank Paper”
  1. Karin Donalds says:

    I love this post! Your reflective soul at work. Vulnerability, while challenging, is indeed a beautiful thing. Thank you for sharing.

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