May 5, 2017 – Friday of the Second Sunday After Easter

This morning’s lessons are all about the development of a conscience, repentance and the turning of the heart to God. In the Holy Communion service we have the option and per the rubrics, we ought to be reciting the Ten Commandments at least once a month. This recitation may seem excessive, archaic, or odd, but these commandments are guideposts to keep us away from trouble, to point us back to God, and to enrich our heart that we may see where we have sinned and to show us our way back to God.

The Book of Hebrews reminds us that we live in a New Covenant, but Christ taught that he did not throw out the Old Covenant, but rather that he completed them, so it is that we live in the completed covenant. We do not have the right to add to that which Scripture has taught us, which is why we daily read the Old and New Testament. For the Old Testament teaches us about the nature of God, points us to Christ, and just as the New enlivens our heart, it too feeds, nurtures and enlivens our hearts that we may know Him more richly.

We fall back to Psalm 51, the classic Psalm of repentance, of aching over that which was done wrong, and the steps to rejoining with Christ. For when we read the Ten Commandments and read what it is to dwell in Christ our hearts become aware of our separation of from God, but God does not want platitudes or works based righteousness, he wants hearts that are contrite, he wants hearts that are turned to Him, he wants hearts which His Holy Spirit can write the law upon that we may learn to walk with him.

So we remember that call: that if today we hear his voice, harden not your heart. No, though a contrite heart may be a painful thing to experience, do not give in to a hard heart, rather learn to live in the grace and consolation of our Lord Jesus Christ and learn to live with His light yoke, in His Joy.

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