Devotion for May 11

In this morning’s first lesson, there is an almost laughable exchange between Aaron and Moses. The cliff notes version of it goes something like this: “Aaron! What have you done?!” “Oh, yeah, everyone gave me their gold, so I put it in the fire, and this calf came out.” Wait, what? Though it may be a funny excuse, it is also tragic.

How often do we approach our sin like this? We find excuses for our ill behavior and try to pawn it off on someone else, or blame nature. When we do this, instead of receiving the mercy we desperately need, we compound our sin. Our sin is our own, and we have such a great God that he doesn’t require that we flagellate ourselves. Instead, all he asks for are penitent hearts.

The great hope and distinction of Christianity is that we can continue to run home to the father saying “Father, we have sinned against heaven and you and we are not worthy to be called your children,” and he will take us back. So, don’t make excuses, rather, turn from your sin and confess it unto God and receive the graceful mercy of Christ.

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