Devotion for May 15

THE LORD said unto my Lord, Sit thou on my right hand, until I make thine enemies thy footstool. ~Psalm 110:1

Culturally, and even with our human nature, we want things in our timing on our terms, but that’s not how God’s provision works. We are called to trust him; we are called to rest in Him. However, we are not called to demand that which we think we need.

Our first Psalm this morning calls us to remember this, it doesn’t call us to run out and seek vengeance on those who have hurt us, or to start a Holy war, but rather to sit in the presence of the Lord.

A healthier way to approach our troubles, our wants, and our needs is to continuously bring them to the Lord in prayer, to devel deep into the word of God, and to spend time in fellowship with his faithful. Hard times, as painful as they may be, are opportunities for building our faith and making our hearts more in tune with the will of the Lord.

If you are distressed this morning, take some time to rest in Him, and let Him bring you into the place of peace.

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