A Devotion for May 16

This morning’s lessons remind us yet again of the generous provision of God, and perhaps it seems as though we are beating a dead horse, but we remember the Israelites and how easily they lost faith, just as we are often prone to doubt when things don’t seem to go our way. The human heart is a fickle thing, growing distracted by any trouble or pastures we perceiveĀ as greener.

This morning the Israelites look back at their slavery and bemoan that it was better to be there than wandering in the desert. They would rather be brutally bound to the Egyptians than to have freedom and to enjoy God’s provision. How often are our hearts tempted towards these lesser things, prone to deeming that they are more enjoyable in our moments of doubts? How often does sin seem better than righteousness or at least easier?

God uses the Israelites and all of the saints to witness to us that His provision is absurdly bountiful, but we are called to trust and believe, we are called to persevere even when things seem hopeless. Our hope lies in Christ our Lord, alone. Our hope is to live in the grace found in Christ alone.

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