Devotion for Thursday May 18th

Let brotherly love continue. ~Hebrews 13:1

The second lesson for this morning is rich with wisdom. If you have an extra minute re-read it, you will not regret it.

We are continuously called to let love abound. While we have many definitions of love, the one that I think is most appropriate for brotherly love is an overwhelming care for the well-being of our brothers and sisters in Christ and the whole world. This exhortation to love is hard for the world delights in the failure of others.

A mark of the new kingdom, the kingdom that we have been discussing throughout the season of Easter, the realm that our hearts are entering into, and we look forward to being completed at the end of times is Love. Both agape love and brotherly love will rule in that new kingdom. We look forward to that in the future but strive to establish the marks of it in our Christian communities in the here and now.

The benefit of brotherly is the creation of a healthy Christian community, forsaking the urge to rule over others while seeking to encourage, edify and teach them in the ways of Christ. It encourages us to open our homes and hearts to those who need compassion and fellowship. In this way, we have been the body of Christ to the hurting, and we have ministered to Christ. In this way, some have had the privilege of entertaining angels.

Let us be sure that our local Christian community is known for its brotherly love.

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