A Devotion for Friday, May 19

When God seems quiet

There are periods of time in our lives, days, months, sometimes even years when it seems God has gone quiet or taken a vacation. It feels as though we were left alone, that all our prayers are going to voice mail, or worse, we’re getting the please hold message. “Your prayers are very important to us; please hold for the next available representative.”

What do we do when this happens? How are we to press on, to be faithful witnesses when it seems like there is only emptiness?

We press on; we do the next thing, we pray always, and keep reading the scriptures. This morning the Psalmist cries out: show thou me the way that I should walk in; for I lift up my soul unto thee. 

We may not be given clarity immediately on things like careers, or spouses, or trials, or whatever it is we are struggling with, but we see clearly who our God is. As we’ve wandered with the Israelites through the desert, in their time of delivery we have seen time and again that when they thought the answer and solution they were seeking was never going to come, it was right around the corner.

Even in the darkest of hours, don’t lose hope, for joy does come in the morning.


4 comments on “A Devotion for Friday, May 19”
  1. Had to giggle a little: “right around the corner.” I have a coworker that tells me that nearly every week. But, he is right. And so are you. Just have to keep on keeping on.

  2. Rev. Beard says:

    Yeah, though I sometimes think “right around the corner” might have a different definition for God than us.

  3. J C Rhine says:

    Fr. Ian,

    Thank you for your thoughts for today. Anne and I have been living and waiting for the “right around the corner” for eight years. A scripture that carries us is Psalm 50:15. Have a great day. J C

  4. Marilyn Williams says:

    Excellent reminder. Thanks. I needed that! 🙏🏻

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