Devotion for Monday, May 22

Rogation Sunday is a holiday that has fallen out of style in our western context. So many of the parishes I have served and visited do nothing or very little to observe it.  For so many of us, all we need to do to get whatever food we fancy is hop in our car, drive to the grocery store and pick it up. Any food from our wildest culinary dreams fills the local supermarket, and it is easy to forget that every good gift comes from God.

In the exhortation this morning from Genesis we are reminded that every good gift that we receive comes from God. We have been examining our journey towards to eternal perfected kingdom throughout the season of Easter, but now we need to remember that the sustenance that we receive for that mission is also a good gift from God. God is our sustainer throughout every day.

Even if we are not gardeners or farmers, let us not forget this basic truth and let us pray throughout this time of Rogationtide that God would continue to sustain and bless us bountifully.

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