A Devotion for May 23

This morning’s lessons continue in the Rogation theme, reminding us again that we are ever learning to be entirely dependent upon the goodness of God for our provision.

Though we may sow, whether it be spiritually or in our earthly endeavors, we trust that Lord will bless the seeds, water them, and grow them to completion. The farming analogy is important because we know that farmers are not lazy, but they are out working the land daily, tending to their crop, yet it is God who brings the plants to fruit.

We do those things that we know to tend to the growing of our soul, we pray, read scriptures, worship with our family in Christ and partake in the sacraments. The same goes for our daily lives. It is through every moment that we return to him with thanksgiving and joy for all the goodness we have received, and we trust in Him to sustain us through the hardships we may face.

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