A Devotion for May 29, 2017

As Christians, we are rich, rich in grace and mercy, rich with the gift of wisdom from Holy Scripture, and rich in the loving-kindness of our Lord.

We are reminded of this today. In the first lesson, we are told that it is through God alone that we are rich and in the second lesson we learn some important things about how the kingdom of heaven works.

We see that the order to the world is different than the order in heaven. The humble and lowly will be brought high, and we see that the power resides in a lamb, not a lion.

Our earthly desires are to acquire more money, more power, more prestige, but the reality is that all of these things are fleeting and can be gone in a moment. True wealth and power lie in the mercy of God. The lamb who was slain for our sins now sits at the right hand of the Lord.

In this way, we are more wealthy than we could account.

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