Devotion for May 31st

As we read this morning’s lessons, they remind us of our eternal hope of a life of plenty at the feet of the king of kings. Today may bring tumult and trouble, but we look ever forward to this eternal joy.

The first lesson foreshadows not only Israel’s deliverance but the eventual salvation of the church that she may dwell in the house of the Lord. The second lesson reminds us of who the true King of Kings is. It is Him, Jesus Christ who we place our hope in, not in human princes.

As tumultuous as life may be, it is always tempting to put our faith in the earthly things, whether it be another person, our next job, or some other tangent but we learn to hope in Christ alone. We may see earthly blessings; we maybe see tumult and trouble. Whatever life brings, we continuously seek to do good, living in kindness and love with our eyes focused on the Jesus Christ, the King of Kings and focusing intently on our eternal promise.

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