A Devotion for June 2

Our Psalm this morning is Psalm 115, and it reminds us the perils of putting our trust in anything except the Lord. We are often tempted to trust the things that we can tangibly experience whether it be our possessions or another person.

However, all these things will fail us, and when we hold something as more than it should be we do not only the Lord, and ourselves a disservice, but the thing itself. When Adam decided that he would rather be his own sovereign, he destroyed the perfect and glory-filled relationship he had with the Lord and caused the balance in the garden to go off kilter.

When we start to hold our careers, our possessions and even our families as being higher than God, as being that thing which we worship, we lose sight of what He has done for us. We certainly delight in these and realize in that joy that the Lord is good, but we do not trust in them. Instead, this pleasure and joy points our eyes back to the Lord Himself.

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