A Devotion for June 6th

This week we remember the giving of the Holy Spirit. Jesus promised his disciples that they would not be left alone, and by extension, we are not left alone. We have the gift of the Holy Spirit.

We see in St. Paul’s writing how important the gifts of the spirit are in the church. No one person is the same, but rather we are each created uniquely and given different gifts to the glory of God. These unique gift demand humility and charity, for they are just that gifts. They are not earned. The preacher is good at preaching, not because of some inherent quality, but because God has given him that gift, the prophet is good at speaking truth, not because he is particularly wise, but because God has given him wisdom.

We were brought together as a body to glorify God through the grace of Christ, and to do good that he may be praised. So, by the grace of God and through the Holy Spirit we are learning humility and learning to allow Him to nurture his gifts in us.


One comment on “A Devotion for June 6th”
  1. Linda Gill says:

    Thank you for your devotions

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