A Devotion for June 7th

But he that giveth his mind to the law of the most High, and is occupied in the meditation thereof, will seek out the wisdom of all the ancient, and be occupied in prophecies. ~ Ecclesiasticus 39:1

This morning we are reminded that our hearts and minds are to be given to the law of the Lord. What does this mean? Are we to be legalists loving every rule that there is?

When we understand the law of the Lord, we understand it to be the whole cannon of scripture. We are to love His holy word, read it, mark it, and inwardly digest it. That is to say that we are to read, study, and let it nourish and strengthen us. The Law and by extension all of holy scripture guides us into the good life and shows us our need for Christ.

As we read, we realize how dreadfully we have failed to live up to this law, and this pushes us to wholly trusting in Christ for our strength and our salvation. In turn, the law shapes our hearts and minds that we would know how to walk in the way of compassion.

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