A Devotion for June 14, 2017

Note: I apologize for missing yesterday. I was traveling and forgot I needed to write something for that day. I hope all are well and bless’d. 

I will give thanks unto the LORD, according to his righteousness; and I will praise the Name of the LORD Most High. ~ Psalm 7:18

The Psalmist this morning is struggling with the unrighteousness that he sees in the world around him. The unrighteous seem to prevail all the time, while hardship appears to be his only friend.

Have you felt this way? Blessings seeming to be withheld or struggles appear to be more numerous than you can handle? The world seems to be a cruel and unjust place?

When these times occur, we call out to the Lord and trust in His righteousness and strength alone. I think we go through them to learn to depend on him only. When our hearts want to be given to jealousy or anger or frustration give them over to the Lord instead, and so that you will learn to allow him to be your sustainer and joy.

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