A Devotion for June 19

Praised be the LORD; * for he hath heard the voice of my humble petitions. ~ Psalm 28:6

We live in a time and culture that respects pride over all other things, and perhaps this has been the nature of humanity for all of history. In school, we are told to have pride in our studies, at work we are reminded that we can be proud of a job well done, we are proud of our families, and all those things that we have created with our works but the Lord asks something different of us.

We are told to come before the Lord humbly; scripture reminds us that we are to be humble servants of the Lord. Being humble is a hard change for people who are wired to be proud. How can we trust in the Lord if we are full of ourselves?

Instead, we empty ourselves and learn to trust in Him. This challenge is a hard thing to do because we often cannot see where God will take us, and this requires not only humility but faith. God is a good father, and we can trust that. So, in humility, we come to the Lord with every need and desire and trust that he will not only hear us but give us what we need so that we will grow in His grace and Faith in Him.

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