A Devotion for June 22

And the LORD shall stand by them, and save them: he shall deliver them from the ungodly, and shall save them, because they put their trust in him. ~ Psalm 37:40

This morning we finished reading the 37th Psalm. The remind to trust that in the end the righteous will be rewarded with salvation and life with God and the ungodly will get their just reward. It is not our acts that we trust but God’s alone.

We place our confidence in the Lord donning the righteousness of Christ. It is not our righteousness that we are confident in, but instead the righteousness that is freely given through Christ’s sacrifice for us.

In the last day, we will be delivered from all the pain and all the suffering that we have experienced in the here and now. Though it may seem the unjust get all they want while we struggle along, let us let us learn to trust the providence of God knowing how the story ends.

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