A Devotion for June 28

Happy Morning Dear People, several people asked me if the Rev. Beard devotionals would continue with my pending move. The simple answer is yes! Absolutely. The longer answer is, they may be spotty over the next six weeks, so please be patient with me. They will resume once I have settled in in Arizona. 

leaving everything, he rose and followed him. – Luke 5:28

The past couple of days we have read about Jesus’ calling of the disciples, and we see an image of his disciples getting up, leaving everything behind. Yesterday it was Peter, James, and John, who left everything. Today it is Levi.

What make’s the calling of Levi especially interesting is that he was a tax collector before his calling. As a tax collector, he was about as low and disrespectable as they came. When the Pharisees saw that Jesus was spending time with Levi and his friends they sneered at Jesus.

Has Jesus called you to follow him into something greater? Are you ready to leave behind those things you hold dear? If today you hear his voice, harden not your heart, but rather die to yourself and follow him.

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