A Devotion for June 29, St. Peter’s Day

Today is St. Peter’s Day, or the Feast of St. Peter. Peter is perhaps my favorite of all the apostles. He is beyond zealous, but sometimes his zealotry betrays him. For example, in today’s lesson, God tells him to get up and eat, and he says “no way! My lips are clean!” We recall his interactions with Jesus where he keeps getting rebuked.

What makes Peter such a great example is that he is not only zealous, but he is also humble. He knows what it is to sin, what it is to turn against God grievously. Despite his zealousness, he has the humility to know that not when God rebukes him he needs to turn from his original way and get back on the path God has laid out for him.

Do you have a humble zealousness? Are there things that you are chasing or doing or believing that betray the way of the Lord? If so, repent, but repent with vigor and chase after the prize of Christ.

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