A Devotion for August 16

This morning we read the sad tale of the rich young man who had been good – but mourned the need to give up all that he had. What are we to learn from this man? That it is bad to be rich or perhaps something deeper?

As we read this part of the lesson, we realize that the rich young man and even the disciples are trusting in something other than God. For the young man, it is his riches, but it can be anything.

For those of us who were blessed to be born in the west, we are inordinately wealthy, and we are prone to trust in this wealth, instead of God, whether it be our actual money, or politics, our career, or any other number of worldly blessings we enjoy.

Woe unto us when we do this. While it is good to strive to be excellent at our job, fiscally responsible, or even politically involved, but none of these will save us. Only God can save us, and only God is our source of life. Too often we are prone to thinking the right leader or the right job will bring us joy.

Instead, take joy in what you have regardless of the circumstance and trust no man but only God to be the true source of your life.


2 comments on “A Devotion for August 16”
  1. Marilyn Williams says:

    I am trying hard to rely totally on God for everything I need – not want – but need. Good health, a positive outlook, to think of others before myself and my own comfort, to be forgiving and gracious to all I meet, to hold no grudges against anyone, to give of myself to the work of Christ and to other people, and to keep joy and laughter always in my soul. Those are just a few. Please pray for me, a sinner. And I will pray for you. Everybody has a story and a burden to carry. Help me to be more interested in other’s burdens, not my own. God bless you, Rev. Beard and your tireless work for Jesus. ❤️

  2. Rev. Beard says:

    It’s a lot of ups and downs, but He is faithful even when we fail.
    Be well my friend.

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