A Devotion for August 21

I tell you that, if these should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out. ~ Luke 19:40

Our hearts were created to worship God, and yet they are hard and weary. When we come to know Christ he gives us a new heart, a heart that adores him.

This transformation doesn’t happen overnight, but by the tender care of the Holy Spirit that makes us into new men and women. This process of new creation is what sanctification is; it is the process of being created to worship, glorify, and enjoy God through out time and place.

It is slow and sometimes painful. Sometimes we empathize with St. Augustine when we want sanctification, but on our terms and in our timing. We are to be given to praise and worship.

By the grace of God, may our hardened hearts be replaced with soft and joyful hearts that are ready to love God and love humanity.

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