A Devotion for August 23

As I was reading the Old Testament lesson this morning, I was thinking about how terrible the desire to hold on to power can be and praying that God would mercifully protect me from that desire. Power, misused, can destroy a man’s soul. Even in our time, we have seen good people become corrupt when they think they’ll lose their fiefdoms.

Some Christian are called to leadership positions, but he or she must be aware of the fact that it is by God’s grace that they are there. It is not their’s to clamp on to, to cling to as though their lives depended on it. If we do not handle ourselves with grace, we do not glorify God.

Instead, our call as Christian leaders is to lead with humility, to recognize that the authority which we carry is not our own, but borrowed from God. It is when we accept his grace in our situation, and then we can become great leaders.

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