A Devotion for September 8, 2017

This morning our lessons lie in stark contrast to each other. David’s sin and then his deception to try and cover up his wickedness is heartbreaking and unattractive, even in contrast with Uriah’s faithfulness to his king. Then we have the risen Christ.

Christ walks with two unknown followers, and teaches them, opening their eyes to the gospel truth. They didn’t see or understand until they broke bread him.

How often do we let our obliviousness and sin keep us from seeing the goodness of God? Or worse yet, how often do we cover it up with further sin. Instead, we are invited into his fold, to dwell in the word of God, and to break bread with him. So let us faithfully seek to do this, not cloaking our sins in lies, but confessing, repenting, and running back to him daily.

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