A Devotion for September 22, 2017

Why do we use the unpleasant parts of the psalms?

This morning, instead of omitting the unpleasant portion of Psalm 69 we used the whole thing. There’s some part where the psalmist is frustrated and angry and cries condemnation on his enemy. This anger, of course, is not the Christian way. Instead, we are called to extend grace and love, even to the most hurtful of those who have done us harm.

Sometimes life is hard, frustrating, and challenging. We need to know that we can come to the Lord no matter how badly we hurt. We are allowed to call out to the Lord in our anger, our fear, and our pain. In the same way, we call out to him when we rejoice and have the deepest of joy.

The Psalm also has the tone of a prophetic vision. For Christ was given vinegar on the cross and does not John speak of their darkened vision to the nature of Christ in John 1?

Let us remember to boldly cry out to the Lord, for he knows our pain and joys more than we can imagine.

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