Bridge, Black and White Photo

Rev. Beard

I am an Anglican priest who is evangelical in nature and reformed-catholic in expression. More than anything I hope that my words would glorify God and those who would hear and read them would grow in Christ.

I recently moved to Weaverville, North Carolina to be an assistant priest at a wonderful parish. Being a worker priest I have to financially support myself, though housing is graciously being provided. I spent the last eight years working for a biotech non-profit. I got tired of sitting in windowless rooms, by myself, for hours at a time. They were doing good work and the employees were good people, but I’m thankful for the change and I’m just as glad to have escaped from the perpetual 90-plus degree days.

I have been supporting myself through writing, you can find out more by checking out my writer’s website at I enjoy working with clients to craft great copy for their websites, writing about science for non-scientists, and creating theological articles like the ones you read here.

Please pray that I would trust God to provide faithfully for me and I would find my way. When I’m not working for the church, or writing, I can be found out riding my bike, enjoying a cup of coffee at the local coffee shop, hiking, or curled up in my large, strange $14 one armed chair reading a book. If you find what you’re reading enjoyable or you want to support my efforts please share it with your friends.

If you’d like me to blog about something specific, you have any questions, or you just want to say hello feel free to send me a message.

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